A beautiful or functional website?

idoso web ontwikkeling den boschWhy not both? A good website should have a balance between design and functionality. There is noo need to limit your website's functions because of the design. A creative and unique design is the first thing visitors sees and judges about website at first.  When a new visitor comes to your website for the first time an initial impression will be formed quickly. This first impression plays a very important role to make a decision about re-visiting your website. A good first impression will increase the chances of that visitor returning again.

Beside the visual design, loading speed of the website is very crucial. Using colorful, nice pictures visual designwill attract the visitor but nobody waits toolong to see your website on the screen if is not loading quickly. Therefore, there is another balance needed between artistic design and the speed. As different colors has different effects on human psychology, your selection of colors, pictures are also very important. Header images, your logo, typography and fonts, are important factors for a first impression.

Whatever layout you use should draw the reader’s attention to those items that are most important. A website layout, used to create an attractive design, but also to make the site easy for visitors to use. A visitor will get the first impression when they see the website but immediatelly after few seconds they will get their second impression and within a minute their idea about whole website. Easy to use website is for most visitors as important as the design. In some cases usability is far more important than the design itself. Every website  owner has his/her specific ideas, taste, expectations that makes every website unique.

Some website owners just need a few pages that will not update for a long time while other websites requires almost everyday update. Some has static pages while others has dynamicly created pages and user interactions... Visual design is much more important for static website owners. 

How to appear on first pages on search engines?

search engines like google, bing, yahoo, baidu, yandex.. are the most important tools that most internet users utilize to find products or services on the internet. When your website easily found in search engines, that will automatically increase the number of visitors. But it is also very important that your website visitors can find what they want on your website.
 We can ensure that your website to be in a high level in the search results. Search engine optimization is a specialty. Some 'tricks' are not permitted and is penalized by search engines. This enables your website for a certain time lost in the search results. We therefore advise you to optimize your site by a specialist.

How to get more from the website?

Internet offers new possibilities for attracting new customers and to expand relationships with your existing customers. The average population will increasingly Internet oriented on new purchases. They are making price comparisons, putting all the data  next to each other and look for a reliable supplier. Joining the Internet with a e-shop site means that you became within the visual area of unlimited amount of potential customers.
 Often the first introduction of potential customers with your company and / or brand via Internet and e-mail. Your website has only a few seconds to draw the attention of potential customers and convince them you're interesting and reliable.
 The appearance, content, usability and features of online services are crucial. These issues determine the initial brand experience and confidence of visitors to your website.